Property Agency Services

Here is one of our services that covers Sales  of landed Properties , Renting and Leasing of an apartments or landed Properties.

Most importantly in this service . . .Not  just to sell a property to a client  or buy a property for a client.  . . But importantly to guide our  clients against the the risk involved in buying property. we do this by carrying  out a pre check or precautions on the property,such check and precaution includes

To conduct search and and  information:so as to know whether it’s free from any encumbrance or free from government accusation or fall within acusition that can be ractified ,or it’s free hold,excistion ,or gazzeted . . . This apparently involved that will pick the land in question cordinate with GPS and take it for Chatting at Surveyor’s general office, ministry of Land or at other government agencies

Another guide is document verification at ministry of Land, Surveyor general’s office or other government agencies office.

Another precautions we do is to get the history of the property so as to know the primary owner, people that have bought it before so as to establish the right owner of the property.

we also do landed Properties documents processing, such documents include Certificate Of Occupancy ( C Of O) .Governor’s concent ,Gazzete, certificate of excision and other landed documents.
Do you need a beautifully finished apartments ,land or landed Properties such as plot of land, service plot of Land in a serviced Estate, Detached duplex, semi detached duplex, terrace duplex, Storey building, bungalow and others in a conducive serene environment and good neighbourhood . . . Call us.  . . This our service covers everywhere in Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan, Abuja and port harcourt through our associate and partners.







Carryout Land Status information

Before buying any landed Property you need to note that

There are two categories of land.

  • Acquisition land
  • Freehold land

Acquisition is divided into two which are committed acquisition and Ractifiable acquisition.

You should not buy committed acquisition land but you can buy Ractifiable acquisition land but Freehold is the best land to buy.

How do you know this before buying such a land,we do this for our clients by picking the GPS of the land in question and take the co-ordinate to the Surveyor General Office for Chatting at Surveyor General Office. The Surveyor General Office has a data base of Geometric Survey of all the land in their Jurisdiction. Whenever the co-ordinate of such Land is imputed into their System for chatting, the result will reveal the status of such land.